Friday, January 30, 2009


After a long week of emotional ups and downs...okay I'll be honest, mostly just emotional downs, I was starting to feel a little better today. Regardless of the FREEZING temperatures, the sun is out (which allows me to pretend it's hot outside as long as I'm indoors - which if you've ever lived in WI in January, you know, just pretending it's warm is exciting!). I got my eyebrows waxed last night, which means by today they are no longer red and puffy, leaving them just enjoyable. It's Friday, which is always something to be celebrated and enjoyed. This weekend seems to be holding quite a few plans which is nice. Although most of them do fall on Saturday and few of them tonight..which is always unfortunate - it'd be easier if they were equally spread out but, hey! I'm not complaining about things to keep me busy and distracted - bring it on! (which has also led me to being out of my house and consuming wine/beer almost every night this week).

And while all of those things are great and have caused a smile to hit my face...this next thing, is big. WAY bigger than waxed brows, pretending it's warm, and things to do. I just received my members only e-mail from the Riverside Theater here in MKE that a VERY important act has just been announced for May 2nd. TWO shows on May 2nd. The 4th most popular parody folk duo from New Zealand will be here in MY hometown for TWO shows in just a matter of months.

I realize at this point in this post there are 2 types of readers. The ones who are very aware of the act I'm referring to, and in which case are incredibly stoked that they are doing another tour. If you are unaware, please, let me introduce you.
This is Flight of the Conchords...and it is hilarious. If you have not yet discovered the hilarity that is Bret & Jemaine you must immediately get acquainted with them via this 4 minute intro video that takes you through Season one.

The last time they came to Milwaukee was before I had been introduced to the wonder that is Flight of the Conchords. It wasn't until Tyler made me watch an episode that I got hooked. And it only took one song...

Seriously, geeks my shit out. I watched the entire first season on a flight to South Dakota one weekend and on a few different occasions drew copious amounts of attention to myself. I'm sorry, but Rhymenocerous and 1986 David Bowie was too much to not laugh out loud).

Anyways - those of you in Milwaukee, get your shiz together so you can buy tickets for May 2nd. There's two shows so there's no excuse to not go. If you're not in Milwaukee, figure out the closest city to you that they'll be coming to and get tickets. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. Someday I will meet a man that will woo me with the phrase, "You're beautiful, like a tree."

    I'm G-L-ous!! I absolutely love that song.