Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back in my day.

It always shocks me when I'm able to, in all seriousness, make comments about how things were "back in my day" or "when I was that age." It seems both appropriate and totally inappropriate all at the same time. I do feel as though I've put in some good time in life...and yet am fully aware how much more there is to go!

Things now move so quickly. In a nation where we don't just want it now, we wanted it 20 minutes ago, it's hard to even remember what it was like "when I was a kid." But here's my attempt to compare a few bullet form.

  • Back in my day...when we needed a phone number for it, we used the phone book. OR, if our parents weren't around to notice, we dialled 411...or 414-555-1212 (which I think preceded 411...and preceded the 262 area code change for all you SE WI residents). Then you hoped the business had call waiting so you could call and find out where they were located. Only to get out the atlas in the back of Dad's trunk to figure out how to get there. Now all it takes is some quick networking on your phone and you've got the address, phone number, & turn by turn directions all at your fingertips.
  • When I was a kid...we didn't have Facebook. I am often amazed at how much Facebook plays into people's lives. I'm a total victim to it and fall prey to the addiction more than I'd care to admit...but the affect it has is astounding. In today's day & age, you can't just break up. You don't break up, call your friends (3-way calling if you were lucky) and then they pass a note to a couple of their friends and by the time the word has spread far and wide, you're so over it you don't care. No, no, no. Now thanks to the good Ol' FB, you break up and the mini-feed spreads it like wildfire (accompanied by the saddest broken heart icon ever) the time you've signed off the computer everyone and their mom is ready and armed with the knowledge. (p.s. Seriously - everyone's mom is on facebook now?! What's with that?)
  • Back when I was young...we didn't have cell phones. (Granted I did have a pager when I was in 7th grade but that's only because I convinced my dad to go see Clueless with me and then subsequently convinced him that "all the cool kids really did have pagers". Turns out - pagers really are only necessary for drug dealers and doctors...NOT 7th grade girls.) One of the saddest thoughts I have when I think of how technology has changed the way youth interacts is the lack of the ever so stressful and embarrassing call from a boy. When kids are getting cell phones in 5th grade, they completely evade the boy calling home, dad answering, mom & brother "OOOOOOOOH it's a boy"-ing fun we all had growing up. That makes me really sad & nostalgic for some reason. Maybe I'll make sure I have a land line in my grown-up family house, for that reason alone.
There's so much more that is different between kids who are in high school now versus when I was in high school (NOT that long ago). Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the technological advances and use them to my full advantage whenever I can. I love Facebook and the fact that I'm able to stay informed about and connected with so many people I would've easily lost contact with over the years. Technology has brought wonderful people and stories into my life that never would've happened without the wonders of the Internet. (only after I ran a spell check on this post was I reminded that Internet is capitalized...which I realized kind of freaks me out...capitalized, really? Like God? or people's names? That interweb really is a powerful thing!)

It does, however, amaze me that things move so quickly that at the age of 25 I'm able to say "back when I was a kid" and only be talking about 10 years ago!

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  1. 25?! Huh, I'm younger than you. ;) [Or perhaps I'm moving back in the day...]