Monday, April 14, 2014

100 Happy Days, Week 8 (?)

I've been a little sloppy with my happiness lately. Accidentally posting three pictures in one happy day, forgetting to do recaps, just leaving gratitude all over the damn place for being happy more than once in a day. It's gotten out of hand, really.

So I'm pretty sure this is week 8 of recaps, I posted 8 pictures in the course of 7 days, so no winner, extra happy.

Day 49 - Spring walks!
Well, our little Bella (who is already, as my grandma would say, built like a brick shit house) put on 2.4 pounds of winter weight. To be fair, it was a brutal winter and by the nature of the fact that they were ACTUALLY bred specifically to sit on the laps of royalty and look extra ridiculous and cute. NOT for trudging through feet of snow in single digit temperatures. I could barely get her to stand long enough to pee outside, a walk was out of the question. So she's pretty out of shape these days. Like...snot running down her nose, nearly delirious after less than a quarter mile walk around the block out of shape. So it's going to take some endurance building but we'll get there once the weather really turns to spring and we can go for daily walks. Until then, it's pretty much me dragging her around the neighborhood (as seen pictured above!)

Day 50 - Return of The Mindy Project
Love this show and REALLY hoping it doesn't crash and burn like New Girl has. They both started as witty, make me *actually* LOL shows and I'm about thisclose to being totally over New Girl. Here's hoping my girl Mindy doesn't let me down.

Day 51 - Substitute Grandma
See already posted blog about my dear Aunt Char and our Lunch Bunch visit.

Day 52 - Pizzadilla.
Oh, Pizzadilla. My go to quick and easy lunch/dinner that's good and good for me. So good in fact that I forgot I meant to take a picture of it until I was 2/3 of the way done. Pretty simple, take your pizza toppings, stuff 'em in a tortilla, grill it like a quesadilla and dip it in pizza sauce.

Day 53 - Bixby
This sweet little pup is a new member of my coworker's family and has won my heart - as evidenced by the MULTITUDE of pictures I posted this particular Friday. She's adorable, snuggled with me for a while and even followed me when I tried to go back to my office to work. We bonded pretty hard on that #FourLeggedFriday.

Day 54 - Handyman Dad
Even though the bathroom is officially finished, I still like to make sure Dad feels extra needed. I made a Hobby Lobby visit a couple weekends ago and bought some (a lot) of things for around the house including this giant N for above the fireplace. Unfortunately, I rarely trust my measuring/leveling/appropriate weight distributing enough to hang anything more than a picture frame. So Dad stopped by and helped me out. Now I proudly display my Nikolas-ness above the mantel. Love what it did to the family room.

Day 55 - Do it yourself.
Much like day 45, I was at the grocery store and saw not one but 2 men buying flowers, presumably for love interests. And I thought how nice it would be to have fresh flowers as Spring tries to make (and keep) an appearance. So I did it myself. Then I went two steps further, bought myself a nice bottle of wine and a couple chocolate bars. Take that, I can do it myself.

Day 56 (?) - I posted two pictures on day 55 but we'll call it day 56 and keep things moving.
Lunch with the fam which ended in dirt cake with "errrworms" as the nephew calls them. He couldn't get the things to stay on the spoon so I told him to go ahead and use his fingers, there's soap and water at the end of a messy dessert. When his dad tried to scold him, I found it a perfect opportunity to teach the 5 year old the phrase "YOLO." #AuntieOfTheYear

Monday, April 7, 2014

100 Happy Days, Week 7

I have a few other posts swirling around in my head that I'd actually like to write and share (including a dating update - quick version: I'm not - and some general commentary on things I've noticed in life in general - specific, no?), but for now I'm already a week behind on my Happy Days Project recaps so I'm putting this one out there first.

So here's week 7! I didn't have enough room to pick a winner this week because there were two #100HappyDays moments on Friday that both required a space for their picture.

Day 42 - YogaDownload Podcasts
When I tried to see how long I could go doing yoga every day I discovered Yoga Download podcasts. They're 20 minutes, offer varying levels of practice, and have hundred's of podcasts with different focus areas. I've become quite fond of the "Rise & Shine" and the "Evening Wind Down". When I'm ambitious, I get up 20 minutes early and do some simple poses to wake up my body. But even better, after a particularly stressful day, I light some candles, dim the lights and get my "Evening Wind Down" on. Aside from being accosted by a dog in savasana or nearly squishing a kitten in chaturanga at least 50% of the time, it's incredibly relaxing.

Day 43 - A surprise from my work BFF.
Last week, while moving to a smaller office without a window (#FirstWorldProblems) I dropped my water cup and it broke. I bitched about it FAR longer than warranted. Fast forward a few days and my work bestie left this little surprise on my desk with a tag that said, "Just Because." And while we both know "just because" really means "because you wouldn't stop bitching about breaking your old one,"  it was such a sweet gesture! The cup has one of my favorite reminders I've ever gotten and I'm so happy to see it multiple times a day... "You can do anything but not everything." A little focus never hurt anyone!

Day 44 - New BodyFlow Release!
About every 6-8 weeks, there's a new "release" for BodyFlow. The class has new music, new poses and it's all a fresh start. I love that the format of this class uses the same routine or "release" for an extended period because you get to see the progress in each pose and feel more comfortable challenging yourself using the foundation you're able to build in the beginning of the release. It's always fun to see what the new release brings - it was an added bonus/surprise that this one includes a song by Jay Z & Beyonce. Reallly helping to fuel that 2014 goal, "Be more Beyonce."

Day 45 - Wine & Dine Yourself.
Sometimes when you're a single in a world of couples, you can find yourself easily getting down by what the couples get. I want someone to [fill in the blank with anything from take me out, buy me flowers, ask how my day was]. And I've learned (as essentially a professional single person) sometimes you just gotta suck it up and do it yourself. It doesn't have to be a special occasion, you don't need a +1 to have a nice meal. So last week after work, I stopped at the grocery store, bought a nice steak, a bottle of wine and I cooked myself a delicious meal. I may not be dating anyone else, but I'm dating myself and I'm a VERY good date.

Day 46 - PUPPIES.
Fridays are "Dog Day" here at work. People can bring in their dog and we go from having mostly two-legged coworkers to a handful of four-legged ones. Something absolutely wonderful happened last week that really took #FourLeggedFriday to a whole new level and nearly killed me in the process. Not one but TWO of my coworkers got puppies. And not like cute dogs that I sometimes call puppies, legitimate baby dogs. TINY LITTLE EIGHT WEEK OLD PUPPIES. So normally, on dog days, I can contain myself well enough. Sure, I get excited about seeing and petting a dog, but I control it pretty well (for me at least). But when I see a puppy? A TINY little FUR COVERED puppy complete with puppy breath and wagging tails?! ALL BETS ARE OFF. Shame goes out the window and I will be on the floor, full on puppy voice, talking to those animals like they are my long lost best friends.

Day 47 - #1 Mom.
At some point throughout the course of the week I mentioned wanting to try a new whiskey and I tweeted a link to Bourbon Bacon Mac & Cheese. I shouldn't have been the least bit surprised then, to receive a text Saturday night from my mom saying "Come over for dinner tomorrow? I'm making smoked ribs & that mac & cheese you posted!" Bonus: I show up and she's got a brand new bottle of whiskey for me to try. Seriously, I've said it before and I'll say it again, screw dating me because I'm awesome, someone needs to take advantage of this mother-in-law.

Day 48 - Badgers & Boots.
Writing this now feels a little sad, but last week on Saturday I joined some friends I hadn't seen in a while to watch the Badgers take their Elite 8 game and then made our way to a new country bar in Waukesha. I got to line dance (including learning not one but TWO new ones, move over Cupid Shuffle, the Biker Shuffle is my new jam!) Few things make me as happy as cheering on the home team, drinking out of mason jars and not only hearing nothing but country music, but being surrounded by other people who love it as much as I do.  Dan & I even put our game to the test and tried to pick up some people. While I had more balls, we both walked away alone but still REALLY fun to play. Sometimes ya just gotta put it out there, right?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Substitute Grandma

All of my grandparents passed away at young ages. I hardly can recall my dad's dad and mostly know him through stories. By the time I was 20, I had just my one grandma left. My mom's mom. I was by the closest to her and when she passed away I quickly found myself grandparentless. Now, I know I'm quite fortunate to not yet have experienced being parentheses, but grandparentless isn't all that much fun either.

However, when my grandma passed away, her older sister, my Great Aunt Char promised me she would do her very best to be a substitute grandma. And since then she has done one hell of a job. For the last three years we have exchanged hand written letters. Nothing all that serious, mostly just catching up on life. She tells me all the going-ons at her church and I tell her about yoga or trips I've taken with my friends. I've heard the story of how her and my Great Uncle met and the lessons she's learned over their 68 years of marriage (including one of the hardest, what happens when, and I quote "his damn hearing aid stops working and he's too damn stubborn to fix it but can't hear a thing!"). She is hilarious and kind and says the sweetest things to me you could possibly imagine. Not a letter passes without her telling me how beautiful and special and wonderful I am. And I honestly believe her when she does. I adore her letters.

Every Wednesday my grandma and her siblings met at the Brothers Three in Marinette. 12:00. Noon, same table, same place. They've continued to do so for the last 30 years. They don't always all make it, but every Wednesday you'll find some members of the "Lunch Bunch" as they call themselves. Back in the "old days" the husbands would drive the ladies in to town for errands and grocery shopping and they'd meet at Brothers Three. They've brought kids, spouses, and grand kids. 

At least once a year, my mom and I take off of work and head north to join the bunch for lunch. I get to hear all sorts of inappropriate from most but allowed from the elderly commentary (my favorite kind). I hear stories from when they were young and how they pass the time now. It doesn't last long but it's so good to see them all. 

Today we went to Lunch Bunch and I got to spend some time with my beloved Great Aunt/Substitute Grandma Char. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

100 Happy Days, Week 6

Those of you reading this have my loyal readers (my mom and Sukie) to thank for reminding me that in the midst of a busy work week, I forgot to recap week 6 (and I'm also a day behind on week 7 but I remembered that one on my very own!)

I will say, it is getting pretty difficult to pick a winner. When I originally started writing these recaps, the only reason I decided to pick a winner was because my PicStitch layouts only had 6 or 8 boxes, so I figured I'd post all 7 pictures and call one a winner. But it's getting HARD. Which is, I suppose, the best problem to have, ever.

So here's week 6...

Day 35 - Books!
I've been going to the library pretty regularly (save for a little break I took to binge watch the entire Gossip Girl series). When I realized I was coming to the end of the series I decided to go down to the library and see if I couldn't find a little grounding to balance out all the drama. Came home with this stack of books. (The yoga book was a little too crazy for my taste, I fall asleep every time I try to read Blue Like Jazz - but I'm not giving up! - and if I'm being honest, I already started the Happiness Project last year and never finished it.)

Day 36 - Book & Bed
I've been trying to be good (again) about making my bed every morning. There's something so luxuriously wonderful about crawling into a made bed at the end of the day. And realistically, it takes all of 10 seconds to make just give yourself that luxury, Nikolas. You can afford 10 seconds.

Day 37 - Dinner with my favorites - Winner, winner.
When the twins travel back up north from Georgia I get to have dinner with 3 of my absolute favorites from my former coaching days. I coached high school cheerleading for 4 years and those 4 years alone were an incredibly rewarding experience. Stephanie (furthest right) was on my squad as a freshman and the twins joined the program their sophomore year. I've watched them, before my very eyes, go from little freshman, to high school graduates. We still get together regularly and it has been an honor to see them become the young women that they have. The first dinner where they could legally drink felt like quite the milestone, however, this dinner was particularly astounding. They are about to graduate from college. They have asked if I'll be a reference as they apply for big girl jobs. They're working internships. Hell one of them is ENGAGED. I can't believe how grown up they are and how proud they continue to make me. These ladies are a constant reminder of what those 4 years meant to me and how happy I am to have had the opportunity to coach.

Day 38 - NCAA Tourney Games! (Close second!)
After my friend Rachel asked Mel if she'd like to go to the games and she offered to tolerate two whole games of basketball if she could bring a book and possibly some knitting, I got to be the lucky winner of the second ticket she won at work. We skipped out of work a little early, threw on our Badger red (they had won!), shoved some booze in places for safe keeping (no beer sold at NCAA games!), we took off for the Bradley Center. The first game was a little bit of a snooze fest for the first half, but we ended up learning a bit about Wofford and by the end we found ourselves fans of those mid-sized dogs. Second game was pretty exciting, however we're old and wanted to beat traffic out of there and get to bed (it was a school night!) so we missed the exciting end.

Day 39 - Princess Pillows
Sometimes when Bella is extra tired and doesn't want to be bothered by other living things in the bed like Gracie and myself, she retreats to the pillow at the top of the bed, opposite my side. She digs into the pillow for a bit, turns in no less than 10 circles until it's JUST right, and then lies down like a little royal dog. I call this Princess Pillows. Her whole demeanor changes when she does this. She gets a royal attitude, prefers not to be bothered by pictures (me taking them) or peons (Gracie interested in what she's doing). She'll sleep there until she's recovered from her exhaustion. Like puppy rehab.

Day 40 - Friends who just get me.
It should come as no surprise to me or anyone else that this picture was sent to me by Siobhan. She knows the ins and outs of my entire life, calls me on bullshit and can tell what I'm feeling sometimes before I even do. When we're out, we get asked frequently if we're sisters, because that's the kind of friendship we have. So, naturally, she gets me so well she knew I needed this picture. And right she was. I feel like this is essentially a mantra of my life and will probably make it on the walls of my home soon.

Day 41, Sunday night routine.
A while ago, I started painting my nails regularly. Somewhere between a while ago and now it became a bit of an obsession. I can't stand naked nails or beat up manicures. So my Sunday night routine pretty much always includes a manicure. If I can brag a bit, I've gotten quite good at them (guess what they say about practice really is true). I enjoy it, it's borderline therapeutic for me.  This week's was especially fun because I splurged on a new polish - Sugar Daddy by Essie. It's a great neutral. Takes 3 coats instead of my usual two but is more opaque than say, Ballet Slippers.

So there you go, Sukie & Mom, week 6. I've got week 7 ready, I'll post it tomorrow. Don't want to be TOO productive on the ol' blog.

Monday, March 17, 2014

100 Happy Days, Week 5

I'm officially entering my 35th day of documenting happy things and I still legitimately enjoy it. I like that throughout my day I'm taking time to acknowledge happy causing things, and even better when I feel like I have to "pick" just one happy moment to document!

So here's week 5...

Day 28 - First ice cream cones of the season!
It was a weather tease of a day on Monday and it felt just nice enough to splurge on a McD's ice cream cone with my work bestie Elyise. We made a quick drive thru run and got excited about all the things we haven't been able to do for months - eat in the park, enjoy ice cream, not worry about frostbite on the walk to the parking lot...

Day 29 - Free.
When two of my very best friends from college got married this was their first dance song. She played it for me as we waited for the ceremony to start and I made it about 15 seconds before I was crying and it needed to be stopped. I still don't make it much longer than that any time I hear it. It's such a moving song, awesome lyrics, and the fact that it always reminds me of two of my best friends, who are each other's best friends, and have always been a shining example of love in my life is just the cherry on top.

Day 30 - Wine on sale.
When one of your favorite already cheap wines is on significant sale it's essentially the universe telling you to drink. So like a good little girl, I do as I'm told. That's a pretty self-explanatory happy moment.

Day 31 - Venti & Sunshine.
I'm very over winter and would gladly take spring if someone is collecting votes or opinions, but I do love that this time of year there's days of hope sprinkled throughout the cold and snow. I had one of those days and the combination of (excessive) caffeine and sunshine made me all sorts of excited for spring and happy.

Day 32 - Mat & I on stage. (Winner!)
As you may have noticed, I'm becoming quite fond of Yoga. I take a class called BodyFlow at the gym (it's a mix of tai chi, yoga & pilates) and have a favorite instructor. She's just awesome, very good at yoga and that perfect blend of instructor who encourages while also pushing. Class was REALLY full on Saturday (likely preparation for all the Jameson and cabbage to be consumed). We were running out of floor space and she asked if I would join her on stage to make room on the floor. It was scary and awesome, all at once. I knew she wouldn't have asked me up there if she wasn't confident I knew the class and could actually perform the skills. It was a pretty big deal because I'm still relatively new to Yoga but reinforced what I've been thinking/feeling in that I've picked up on it and my practicing is paying off! It was also a really cool experience to be able to see class from that perspective. 30+ people all hitting the same poses in unison. Pretty inspirational - made me see how people get hooked on teaching!

Day 33 - Combine friends!
I love this picture/day so much for a number of reasons. One, I met the friends in this picture about a decade apart (Amy is from college and Mel & Rachel are from the internet) but we all hung out together and had a blast. Sometimes you just don't know how different groups of friends from different points in life will come together, but I should've known with this group there'd be fun no matter what the equation. I also really enjoy that I have friends "from the internet" and they're not the least bit creepy. They don't even live in their parent's basements!

Day 34 - The new bathroom!!
Y'all. The bathroom is finished! Okay, I still need a new garbage can and the toilet paper roll sits on the back of the toilet, and the hand towel just rests on the sink ledge, but the HEAVY lifting is done! It took longer than expected and pretty much any tiny detail that could go wrong, did. But we finished it. I can't believe how amazing it came together, it's absolutely perfect and I've threatened to move a cot in there and just live in the half bath it's so pretty to look at! If this hadn't already won last week, I'd have 2 weeks in a row where my bathroom was the happiest part of my week.

Monday, March 10, 2014

100 Happy Days, Week 4

The bad news is I've totally failed at not being super repetitive about what makes me happy (cough, yoga and pets, cough). I'm sorry, but they really do so many things that make me happy. HAVE YOU SEEN MY DOG'S FACE?!

The good news is, despite constantly talking about yoga, whiskey and my dog, withOUT these posts, I'd apparently never blog again. So there's a compromise here, people.

Here's how I've rounded out the first month of posting something every single day that makes me happy...

Day 22 - Yoga @ C|O. 
If you know me, like actually know me, you know I can never leave anything well enough alone. So it wasn't enough that I obsess about yoga on my own time, I needed cohorts in it! I found an instructor, discovered interest and set up a weekly lunch time yoga class at my office. I was blown away by interest among coworkers and we officially kicked it off this week with 16 attendees in our first class! Taking a little time for relaxation and stretching over work was JUST as awesome as I thought it would be. And  no, because I know you're thinking it (and we were too) it wasn't awkward at all to downward dog with a bunch of colleagues.

Day 23 - Speaking of Downward Dog...
I'm still doing yoga every morning - even if it's just a couple rounds of sun salutations or some backbends and forward folds, I'm taking time each morning to move through some poses and wake my body and mind up. It's AWESOME, except I always have company. There is no such thing as practicing alone when you've got a dog and cat as needy for love and attention as I do. This week, Bella showed me how her practice has paid off with this adorable and literal downward facing dog look.

Day 24 - Speaking of super cute pets - Gracie's Birthday!
Gracie turned 4 years old this week and dammit she's responsible for a whole lot more than 100 happy days over the course of those four years! When I was younger all I wanted was a kitten (likely because I was told I could never have one). Then when I grew up and met a bunch of cats I was like, "Whoa, those things are nothing like dogs, and frankly, they're kind of assholes. And not in a cute way like Bella is." But look, if you take me to a humane society and there are tiny furry things? I'm OBVIOUSLY going to take one home (I'm not a monster!) So fast forward, 4 years later, and I can't imagine not having little GraceFace around. She's basically a dog, but I don't have to take her out. And she's much sweeter than Bella, so the whole house feels a little more balanced since she moved in.

Day 25 - Leftovers, Whiskey & Netflix
So, this is (hopefully) as close as I'll come to acknowledging Gossip Girl's responsibility for my happy on any given day (though it's a likely accusation and I have consumed it almost every single day since I started this's fair). Friday was a long day, like a REALLY long day. Like "Oh look I better run to the restroom before I start crying in front of coworkers" kind of day. By the time I left late and got home I was exhausted. Fortunately, my coworker Gail had been my lunch angel and went and picked up Chinese so I could eat. I had leftovers and poured a glass of whiskey and settled in with my Netflix (Gossip Girl) until I fell asleep in my chair, Dad Style. It was exactly how I needed to end that day.

Day 26 - Joey and his Errrworm Cake
I had lunch with the fam and as an extra special treat I got to drive the little munchkin there. His new FAVORITE thing is singing "Love is an Open Door" from Frozen. But he doesn't just sing, he has an entire choreographed act that goes with it. He knows all the words and prefers if you sing Anna's part and he'll be Hans. It's adorable, there's hand holding, and it melts your heart like you never knew possible. Also, he got dessert at lunch and the way he says "earthworm" sounds like errrrrworm. Like erryday. It's adorable and hilarious and one of my favorite things ever.

Day 27 - Half Bath Remodel - WINNER!
As my twitter friend Chris said, we're really "redoing" it. This project has been a labor of love, more labor for my dad and love for me. Aside from ABSOLUTELY loving how this bathroom is turning out (and it's not even done yet!) and being just friggin ridiculously thankful for a dad who's not only able but willing to put in the effort and time to make it happen, I adore the fact that this project has given me even more time than usual to spend with my parents. Honestly it blows my mind that there are people who don't want to see their parents. I have so much fun with those two. We laugh, we joke, we build stuff (they build stuff and I watch). I mean, it probably doesn't hurt that when they come over my dad does the heavy lifting and my mom makes food for us to eat (and leaves leftovers). But even with the remodel and food aside, they're awesome enough to spend time with! It's been really fun getting to host them at my house on Sundays. I'll be a little sad when the project is over!

Monday, March 3, 2014

100 Happy Days, Week 3

It's that time of the week again - and apparently the only time of the week in which I blog. It's time for me to randomly rant about all the things that made me happy in the last week.

Day 15 - Bella's Birthday! 
Couldn't go a full week without at least one pet picture. Bella turned 8 years old on Monday and we celebrated with some frosty paws and a whole lot of snuggling. I can't believe that little monkey has been with me for 8 whole years...she's one of the best things to ever happen to me.

Day 16 - #SorryImNotSorry 
"Love in This Club" will forever be one of my favorite songs ever. I can't tell you why a song about getting it on in what can only be a skeezy club makes me so happy but that song pumps me up, makes me shake my ass, and has for years now put me in a damn fine mood.

Day 17 - FaceTime w/ my Favorite Tiny Human - WINNER!
As I was leaving the gym on Wednesday I got a FaceTime call from my brother. Let's be clear, the minute I see a FaceTime call I know it's not actually my brother (he's not big on video chat) it's my nephew and something adorable is about to happen. I answered the call and in his tiny little post-bath, pre-bedtime voice he said, "Oh hi Ang, I wanted to sing you some songs from Frozen." And just when I almost died of cute from that alone, he went into a choreographed solo re-enactment (of both female & male lead parts) of "Love is An Open Door". It brought me to tears, no lie. It was so freaking cute I didn't know if I'd ever recover. And, as long as I'm being extra sappy, it was a reminder that love doesn't come in strictly conventional forms. That little showing of love made me feel so very very special. 

Day 18 - All the Love.
To keep fueling my reminder that love really is all around. I got the mail this day only to find a Save the Date for one of my oldest friends (this year marks our  25th year of friendship!), a wedding invitation for another dear friend, and a little note of love from a friend in Boston. I really do love love, and seeing that much of it in my mailbox that day brought me lots of happy.

Day 19 - Tour de France (Close second place!)
On Saturday I met my dear friend, often mistaken for sister, Siobhan out for dinner and drinks. We went to Le Reve in the Village of Tosa. If you've read anything on here, you're no doubt aware of my love for the Village. But this particular place in the village is nothing short of magic. You walk in and immediately feel like you've been transported to a quaint French cafe. Add wine and french cuisine and the transformation is complete. I had the most incredible gnocchi dish I've ever eaten. This night went a step further and included heart felt and raw conversation I could only possibly have with someone like Siobhan. Someone who I know reserves all judgement, supports all decisions, and questions me when the time is right. We finished dinner and conversation with a cup of coffee and the first macaroon I've ever tried. Hooked doesn't begin to describe how I feel about those little pillows sent from heaven.  Just a wonderful evening all around and exactly what my soul was craving. A little getaway with someone familiar.

Day 20 - SHOES. 
Look, vain, shallow or materialistic, shoes will always bring me joy. Give me 4 pairs for $48 and I'm over the moon. My parents introduced me to an amazing consignment shop full of clothes, shoes and purses formerly owned by people with enough money to buy high end things only to never wear them (seriously, we're talking tags still on). Their loss, my win!

Day 21 - Bright & focused. 
I've been stalking this ring for a couple weeks now. Unsure if it was just right, waiting to see if it went on sale, comparing it against others. I went shopping after work on Friday and visited it in person, tried it on and decided it was just right. It's my little reminder that despite all the noise I might hear, all the gusts of wind trying to move me from my path, I can just follow my arrow and land wherever I'm supposed to. And of course, adding some bright red nails never hurt anyone.

Here's to another week of happy moments and gratitude for 'em!